How do I upload a story?

There are two ways. From the Snappd upload page select 'Upload Story' which will open your camera roll and from there choose one of your videos.

Alternatively you can use the Snappd extension where you can upload a story directly from Snapchat memories (see part 4 of this handy blog post)

Once you have selected a story you will need to add a tagline & at least two tags (separate each tag with a comma) to describe what your video is all about. This helps your video be discovered!

Stories must be shot vertically and be at least 25 secs long ;)

Why does my story have to be reviewed before I can upload more?

We're glad you asked! We want each story to add some value to the viewer - no one wants to watch random snaps! Therefore if the video has some context it tends to keep the quality high. Everyone has the opportunity to become a Snappd creator!

How do tags work?

Not only do the tags in a video tell you what the story is about, it is a quick way to see other videos with the same tag. On the explore page you can see the most popular tags and also search for specific ones, so that you can easily find a story that might interest you.

What are 'featured stories'?

Featured stories appear on the home section of the app. You can easily swipe through and see the awesome stories by different Snappd creators. These stories have been selected by our team and are updated regularly so make sure to check them out!

How can my story be featured?

Easy! Just make sure your stories are great - whether that's discussing certain subjects, providing tips, entertaining vlogs or even comedy. Ps. if you have made a great story that deserves to be featured - tweet us!

Can I share a story?

Absolutely! It's super easy to share your own story or one that you like - simply hit the share icon (on the bottom right-hand side of screen when viewing a video) and share in a message or across social media including Twitter & Facebook.

Can I embed a story to a website or blog?

Yes yes yes! With just a few clicks you can embed a story using the video’s embed code. Videos can also be embedded on Medium. 🎉 See examples of how to embed a Snappd story. Any questions about this let us know team@snappd.tv

Snappd Embed Medium

What are notifications used for?

Great question! We promise not to spam users but it can be handy if you are creator and want to know when someone is interacting with your story. You can also be notified when a creator you follow uploads a new story which is pretty cool.

Controls on specific notifications you want to receive are coming soon.

I have an idea for a new feature, can I let you know?

Please do - we love receiving feedback from our users and appreciate each and every one's input. If you have any ideas on how to make the app better for you give us a shout - team@snappd.tv

My category is not there, can I suggest one?

For sure, let us know team@snappd.tv and we will add any suggested categories.

Can I see how many views my story has had?

Not yet but we will be introducing analytics soon so keep a look out! 👀

You mentioned monetisation on your website, how does this work?

We have plans to allow creators to actually begin to monetise their content (that would otherwise disappear on other platforms… 🙈) however we have to reach user numbers for this to work - you can help us out by sharing Snappd & getting the word out.

Is Snappd available on Android?

Unfortunately not yet 😭 but if you sign up to our Android waiting list you will be notified when it is available.

Can I comment on a video?

This feature is coming soon!

Why was my story removed?

A story will rarely be removed but it will if it contains inappropriate content, surely you can understand why. Find out more here

Where can I download brand assets to use on my site or article?

Glad you asked, check out our press kit.

I want to join Snappd!

We are always on lookout for great people to join the Snappd team - think you’d be a good fit? Get in touch team@snappd.tv

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