Build Trust with Social Proof

Collect Video Customer Reviews & Show Off your Fans in a Carousel of Love 💕

Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to build trust and gives customers more confidence in their buying decision. 🤝

In the online world we believe that video is the best way to bring a more human touch to social proof and customer reviews. Hearing directly from your customers, seeing their faces and having them express how your product or service has helped them is insanely powerful!

Carousel of Love 💕

Celebrate your raving fans by collecting customer video testimonials and reviews and display them beautifully on your website.

Collect videos while you sleep 💤

Automatically ask your customers for a video testimonial after they buy your product. You can hook up our video request form to your email marketing service.

We made sure this process will be super smooth - once a customer sends a video review this will appear in the Snappd dashboard for you to curate and share on your website or marketing campaigns 🙌

Turn your
customers into
raving fans!

Let's do this!

We are on a mission to humanise the world of eCom. We can't wait to help you further your mission & create raving fans for your brand in the process.

Join the Snappd family & start humanising your brand today!


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