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Introducing Snappd.

The easiest way to add engaging & action based video to your website.

We believe that every brand, product, or place has a story and in today's online world, video is the best way to communicate that.

We want people who visit a website to experience a product as if you actually have it in your hands, a place as if you are right there or feel a connection with you as if you are face to face.

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Brands asked us…

That got us thinking…

“There should be a better way!”

Engaging format loved by top brands

Use Cases

That's not all!

Instagram Stories Integration

Instagram Stories have completely transformed how brands and influencers communicate with their audience on social media. In fact these powerful stories are why we, at Snappd have taken this engaging mobile-first video format and redefined it for the web!

We know that brands spend a lot of time, effort and money creating engaging and entertaining stories on Instagram. So when you sign up to Snappd you also have the option to connect your Instagram profile. This allows you to have your stories fetched & saved each day. You can then embed a widget of your daily stories on to your website to boost social proof & engagement.

“During this pandemic crisis, the videos have become an extremely important element of our marketing strategy, allowing us to show off our properties to their absolute best”
~ Pauline Realtor

This is why you need
Engaging video on your website!

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How does it work?


Record & Upload Assets

All you need to record is a quick 10-20 second video of your product or service. You can introduce yourself first, then talk about your product or service and how it can benefit your customers.

Upload your clips to the Snappd dashboard where we transform them into an interactive video, you can choose to add a CTA & Facebook Pixel from here.


Integrate Seamlessly

Each video has a unique link which you can share to your website, in an email, or on social media!

This link can be used as a URL link, an iframe or as a special JavaScript embed for flexible integrations anywhere.


Increase Leads with Direct CTA

By adding a CTA to your video you can easily capture lead information or integrate directly with your calendar.

The immersive video experience, coupled with the easy ability to book directly from the video, will see your conversion rate go through the roof!

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