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Brands are using influencer marketing across social media more and more for brand awareness and to drive sales.

75% of brands now have a dedicated budget just for influencer marketing! And it's no surprise that this form of marketing has a much higher ROI than other marketing channels because of the know, like and trust factor that an influencer has with their audience.

Repurpose influencer content through Snappd 💰

Influencers are the ultimate experts in content creation - they know how to make great product reviews or How To videos and they can really put across the benefits in a creative and engaging way.

So we got thinking 🤔 since brands are already collaborating with influencers for their social media campaigns creating fun and engaging Instagram Stories and videos - why not repurpose these videos to seamlessly blend across your website and email campaigns?

When it comes to requesting and sending video content we've made life easier for both you and your influencer - no more complicated ways of sending video with upload limits or losing track in emails or DMs.

Simply request videos from your influencer through our form and as soon as they are uploaded you will find them in the Snappd dashboard ready to embed or share 👌

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