Lead Generation

We wanted to go one step further and let your viewers interact with your videos 🚀

You can add a Call to Action button to any of your Snappd videos - you can funnel your viewers however you want, you can guide visitors to a certain offers page, product page, sign up to an email list or even book a call with your team - the sky's the limit!

How do brands use the CTA buttons?

We've had brands use our video CTAs in a whole range of creative ways from signing up to their email list, to getting a discount by clicking through to a product page or even schedule a call with the team in one click.

Let's say for example you have an email list and are excited to share a brand new product range with them.

In your email you could add a short Snappd video of the team or an influencer showing off the new products in the range - you have instantly grabbed their attention so by adding a CTA button in the video you can then funnel them straight through to a page all about the new range! 🛍

Reuse your Snappd Videos as a Super Engaging AD💰

Expand the reach of your videos and bring in new customers with an ad that has that more personal touch. We've also made sure that you can really easily to add a Facebook Pixel to your video, so that you can retarget people who have watched or interacted with it.

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We are on a mission to humanise the world of eCom. We can't wait to help you further your mission & create raving fans for your brand in the process.

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